Love is difficult to understand😔 .You try to understand and the more it ends up confusing you .Love💖 is the feeling of wanting someone close to you or missing them every minute they are away from you ,thinking of them often,always fight ,forgiving ,keep glacing at each other in public places,holding hands while watching movies😋 sending silly love texts while away.

Take any of this its confusing nd complicated as you will love and lose….love someone who doesnt even want to be with you yet he wants someone else .you are lost,unfortunate nd doomed

Loving someone who cheats on you,keeps company of their friends you are far away from losing them

Love someone who loves you,appreciates you: you are lucky,fortunate person.Never loonely ,doomed nd unfortunate

Its all LOVE ♥ 💯

Its a rare thing to find
Word out ….#winnie essy